• Freightmail - Case study

j0292020 Client:

Freightview makers of the enterprise-class transportation management system used by companies like Honda, Cargill & Neiman Marcus.


Challenge:Handling Window Authentication.

Team faced challenge in handling HTTP Basic Authentication dialogue during automation using Selenium WebDriver as Selenium is basically for automation of web based application.

j0301252 Business Needs:

Freightmail literally changes the way freight is managed. Freightmail is the innovative transportation management application designed to streamline shipping process. It allows automating current processes and receiving valuable insight, which creates enormous time and budget efficiencies.

The client was searching for an offshore testing partner who could understand their business needs, analyze their complex application, write automation test scripts based on existing manual test cases, design a robust framework, and automate the entire testing effort.


While looking at alternatives, we came across Robot class, which generates mouse and key events. This can be utilized to click and type the user name and password and Press Enter (Simulate OK button).The second alternative which we came across was providing username and password in the URL itself.

Challenge: Objects with dynamic xpath.

On every execution we noticed that few objects were not recognized due to dynamic change in xpath.


Approach, Challenges and Solution:

The test team took up the task, started exploring the application and also identified suitable automation tool that would best fit the client's testing needs. Then team worked on data driven automation framework creation and analysed challenges involved in automating Freightmail application using Selenium Tool.

Highlights of our flexible Selenium Web Testing Services:

  •   Selenium test automation using JAVA       language.
  •   Robust regression automation targeting   multiple platforms using Selenium             WebDriver.
  •   Parameterization of the different input     values (ease in maintenance for non       testers also).
  •   Customized reporting services using         HTML with email facility.



We installed firebug and firepath and created our own xpath which finally solved the problem. As a result the objects xpath remained same on every execution. Regression testing was carried out for every build that was received.

j0222015Business Benefits:

The client got an open source test automation framework (Based on Selenium Web-Driver) for web application testing which provides flexibility for accommodating required changes. The client also reaped the cost and time benefits due to test automation.

BD18239_Tools and Technologies:

Platform         : Windows 7

Technology       : Java, HTML

Tool                : Selenium IDE and WebDriver.


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