• Talent Nurturing

Tekstrom management strongly believes that people are the key elements to its success. Tekstrom’s offsite delivery center, based in India, is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company. We use a three-step policy to recruit and retain the best talent in the industry.



 1)  Strong Recruitment process 

  • Detailed Job duties/ roles & responsibilities
  • Sourcing through Employee referrals, well known Job portals, Company website and other industry resources.
  • Written general aptitude and technical tests to analyze creativity, general and subject knowledge.
  • HR Screening to understand the individual short-term and long-term goals, plans, behavioral skills, attitude and commitment.
  • Three levels of technical screening to evaluate technical skills, problem solving ability, creativity and other qualities.
  • Final HR Screening and offer letter to qualified candidates.

2)  Training:

Continuing education is a critical component in attracting and retaining top talent in the technology field. Our employees receive professional development through several internal and external opportunities, including  

  • Delivery of internal training and workshops
  • Attendance at seminars
  • Sponsored achievement of professional certifications (e.g. PMP, HP-AIS, TTCN3, PRINCE II)

Our consultants are expected to learn newly released technologies and to have an ever-broadening base of up-to-date technical skills. 

 Tekstrom has four structured training programs in place.

  • New hire induction program – Rigorous induction training is provided to all new hires. This program introduces the company’s core values, ethics, standard policies, company vision, mission and long- and short-term objectives. 
  • Behavioral Training – This program is designed and delivered by HR on a need basis. It helps develop behavioral skills by analyzing and improving habits and attitudes that will help the employee navigate the corporate world.
  • Technical Training- In-depth technical training is conducted for a new hire with less than three years experience. This program provides technical know-how as well as exposure to real-time scenarios and work environments. This training develops confidence and competence in solving problems in a variety of situations.
  • Continuous training sessions- On a frequent basis Tekstrom conducts training and knowledge-sharing sessions to all employees on the latest technologies. These sessions help the employee refresh technical skills and learn new tools and technologies.

3)  Motivation and Retention: 

In the current market, finding the best talent is a challenging job, so motivating and retaining top-notch employees is vital.

Tekstrom has development several policies to ensure that the best talent is motivated and retained. 

  • Work Environment - Tekstrom treats all employees equally; listens to employee views and values their ideas; provides freedom at work; encourages the employee to enhance their skills and undergo certifications in their related areas (Tekstrom reimburses certification fees upon successful completion); supports brown bag and informal sessions to help employees learn new skills and share knowledge and ideas.
  • Compensation & Incentives - Tekstrom employees have strong earning potential. We provide a good salary package with employee benefits; growth and development opportunities; employee referral incentives for referring qualified applicants for open positions; employee recognition and rewards program for excellent/ outstanding performance.
  • Performance Review and Appraisal - The supervisor conducts a Performance Review on a quarterly cycle and provides feedback to the employee. This process helps to identify the areas of strength and those that need improvement. The Performance Appraisal is conducted on an annual basis and is a 360-degree review (i.e. the feedback is taken from supervisors, peers and subordinates).
  • Communication - Division heads hold monthly meetings with all of their employees. Quarterly, all employees meet with the employees by company President to ensure there is close communication and everyone is informed about company progress and goals.



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