• Selenium training

Course Overview: 

Selenium Training course covers Software Testing Concepts, Basic and Advanced concepts of Testing Web applications using Selenium. The candidates can build, enhance, and maintain scripts using Selenium IDE, Selenium RC and the Selenium 2 WebDriver as well. During the training period the trainees will be provided with sufficient practical sessions to get hands on with Selenium, post which there will be an online evaluation and mock interviews.

Duration: 40 Hours 


  •       eclipse-jee-juno-win32-x86_64
  •        JDK 1.7, Firefox 20 , firebug and firepath
  •        Set up TestNG, Selenium 2.32 for eclipse
This course helps in understanding 

Advantages of Test Automation

Selenium Introduction

Selenium Components

Selenium IDE Introduction

IDE Installation

Script creation using IDE

Test case and test suite execution

Commonly used IDE commands

Object Identification

Assertion and Verification


Customized Object Identification via plug-in


Introduction to Java concepts

Java installation and configuration

. WebDriver Introduction

WebDriver Architecture

Configuring Selenium WebDriver

Introduction to Eclipse IDE

Different Drivers

Commonly used Webdriver commands

Sample script for Demo

Configure and Setup Webdriver Project

Introduction to testing Framework (TestNG)

Default and Customized Report creation

Alert/window/frame Handling

Synchronization concept

Parameterization concept







I was delighted with the Basic QA/QC/QTP course. I would rate the training 10 out of 1.....



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