• Financial Communication

A leading provider of independent, multi-asset class, high value services for the global financial market, the client had developed a real-time, secure communication connectivity tool which is faster, more productive and shares information more securely than email. The ongoing changes/enhancements required continuous testing from client, which consumes significant amount of time and effort.


Selecting a Contact in a Java Tree - as QTP was not recording the contact name in the script.


The problem was solved by recording a contact by index.


Double click operation on a contact performed during the recording is not played during the execution of the script.


The exact x, y coordinates of the contact in the Java Tree is retrieved from runtime object properties. A device replay object is created and the x, y coordinate information is passed to it to perform the double click operation.


Checking the new message in the Conversation window.


A function was designed which would retrieve the messages in the current conversation window and check whether new message is present as the last line.


The client got a highly maintainable test suite and reduced turnaround time for regression test execution. The client also reaped the cost and time benefits due to test automation.

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