• Basic QA training

Course Overview :

Basic QA Testing Course covers Software Testing Concepts, VB Script, Basic QTP/UFT, Basic QC/ALM. During the training period the trainees will be provided with sufficient practical sessions to get hands on with QTP/UFT and QC/ALM, post which there will be an online evaluation and mock interviews.

Duration: 56 Hours 


  • UFT: UFT Setup


This course helps in understanding 

• Importance of Testing 
• Why Defects Occur?
• Basic concepts of Software Testing
• Levels & Types of Testing
• Defect Management
• Test Strategy, Test Plan
• Test Case Design Techniques
• Creation and Execution of Test Cases
• Bug Life Cycle
• VB Script Concepts
• Creation and Execution of Basic Scripts 
• Checkpoints and Parameterisation
• Different Recording Modes
• Object Repositories Management
• Object Recognition Problems & solutions
• Object Recognition Problems and Solutions
• Dynamic Objects Handling
• Recovery Scenario
• Introduction to HP Unified Functional 
  Testing-API Testing
• Build a Simple Test
• Test a Web Service
• Test REST Services

• Overview of HP ALM
• Site-Administration
• Dashboard
• Overview of release and 
• Requirements Creation
• Tests Creation
• Tying requirements to releases
• Tying tests to release cycles
• Requirements Traceability
• Viewing multiple requirements
• Converting Requirement to a test
• Creating parameters & template 
• Mapping test to a requirement
• Generating live analysis graph 
• Running tests manually
• Checking release cycle progress
• Mapping defects with requirement & test
• Adding defects during test run
• Test Resource Management
• Test Assets Sharing/Reuse





I was delighted with the Basic QA/QC/QTP course. I would rate the training 10 out of 1.....



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