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Classes are excellent, understandable, good examples, easy way to learn, good communication and i was really happy to get knowledge about software testing and understood concept in a better way.
Philadelphia, USA
I would like to first of all take the time to Thank you for providing the training class. The class it self was very helpful and you did a great job in teaching the class. I really enjoyed the class and the materials that were covered was very helpful. I have learned a great deal from the class. You are in no doubt very knowledgeable. So thank you for providing the training.
Naveed Sharar
I would recommended this course because I learned a lot from this course even though I am not from IT background. The course gave me a clear and detailed training on manual testing as well as automation testing. I feel the course was very well thought out, well designed, and well presented. The course contents were clear and easy to grasp,  The frequent questions by instructor and exercises were good reminders about the need to pay attention and to learn the concepts well . Instructor was very well trained & he made sure at every step that each one of us is clear about every concept he taught. Thank you for offering this course  It is very beneficial & I recommend it to everyone.
A. Srivastava
Delaware, USA
I attended the class for Advanced Quick Test Professional 9.2; the program material was very well developed, with lot of hands on and interactive lab exercises. The Instructor has demonstrated a strong knowledge and experience with unlimited skills in the field. I strongly the recommend Tekstrom QA programs. Thanks.
 M. Bedja
Sr. QA Analyst, Perimeter Financial, Canada
I wanted to thank you for everything. Instructor has a very good knowledge of the course content and also you have a great work experience which support your teaching skills very well. - You were encouraging the active participation through the questions during the lecture. - your communication skills and English are very good. Thank you very much for your help to me. I'll always be grateful for the valuable information you gave me.
N. Noseir
QA Analyst, TD Bank, Canada
I have just completed the online Instructor-led course for Basic QA, Quality Center, Quick Test Professional and Advanced Quick Test Professional. Although I have taken other online courses this was my first experience with an Instructor-led online course. I would recommend this format to anyone that has a hectic schedule, or does not like a class environment. It is an excellent way to take a course without the hassle of traveling to a class and a lot more relaxing too. The course contents and material are exceptional and will be good reference material as I apply this in my everyday work.
But what made the course so effective was the instructor. He was extremely knowledgeable and backed up the more advanced concepts with additional examples. He also took the time to help me apply what I was learning to the software that we test in our organization. He did an amazing job!!!
M. Helie, Online Trainee
Accreditation Canada, Gatineau, Quebec.
Thank you so much for the online training. Enjoyed it very much and absolutely did learn stuff that I can put into practice, also Well paced learning for beginners.
S. Paul, Online Trainee
Toronto, Canada
I want you to know how thankful I am for the excellent training that I received during these three days in April 2009. Not only the content of the course was great, but instructor's excellent teaching skills made the course easily memorable and understandable. There are two words to express my opinion about the course "made professionally"! Besides that, I really appreciate the numerous hints that were generously given to us - these are priceless. Regards
T. Bahrami
Business Analyst, TDSB, Canada
The training in Quality Assurance was really very helpful as it touched nearly all the aspects of functional testing, starting from the Basic concepts of C++ ,Visual Basic. The training covered theoretical concepts of Software Quality Assurance and testing terminology as well as hands on experience on tools such as QTP and Quality Center. The hands on training on tools was comprehensive and detailed in nature and touched almost every feature of the tools. Thanks for excellent training.
R. Shukla
QA Analyst, CIBC Bank, Canada
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the LoadRunner training course that Tekstrom provided me. The pace was good and the concepts were introduced and explained effectively. I appreciated the instructor's intention to ensure that I could understand all of the concepts by answering all of my questions and following up on queries. I now have a good basis to move forward in my skills on this product.
The training course was excellent and I would definitely recommend my colleagues attend it. Many
V. Moretto
Capgemini, Toronto, Canada
The overall experience in the class was great and instructor has encouraged participation from students, which help students to come up with their doubts/questions. questions.
Kavita R.
Toronto, Canada
The course was interesting, informative and very compressed. In general it was a good course.
L. Radu
QA Tester, Enterprise Access Division, Canada
The QTP (Basic & Advance) course I took in Tekstrom helped me in understanding this tool better, so that it can be well applied on the applications under tests. The tutor is very knowledgeable and the course material provided are very easy understandable.
Lab exercises provided in this course materials are very useful, which helps us in understanding the subject better as well as applying the tool. Thanks & Regards. 
N. Reddy
Software Tester, RBC Bank, Toronto, ON.
This training has given a rebirth to my thought process. This is very detail oriented training program that covers all the advanced QTP approach that somebody need to deliver efficiency, effectiveness and competitive advantage to the organization. Trainer had experience of the subjects which helped me to understand all the advanced QTP techniques that I could use immediately within my projects. Real good insight to the professional world of QTP. Thanks so much for being patience listening to my business problems and provide solutions.
A. Mandal, Online Trainee
Test Manager, RBC Bank, Toronto, ON.
Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching. I really learn a lot and also enjoyed during the online (Web Based) software testing classes. I hope we will meet again in future for further studies. I will keep in touch with you if I have any concerns regarding the subject. Thank you, Regards.
I. D'Souza, Online Trainee
Ottawa, Canada
My opinion on class and teaching by the instructor has been exceptionally well but for me being late to class some times. But still, the pace of teaching was the same, “slow and steady.”  Interaction of the tutor with peers of my class at different levels requires much adept and good skill-set in handling their questions and replying with good answers. To my knowledge, instructor is no exception to this. I feel that the training was beneficial because all the testing needs and requirements were met according to the trends in the industry.
I was comfortable working with my trainer and still practicing to get the best what he has taught.  Thanking you,
V. Kalyan
Delaware, USA
This is my first experience with online courses. I am amazed by today's technology! Imagine just sit in your room and learn without the hustles of everyday traffic.  I must say the course (Software Testing, QC, QTP) is indeed lengthy with much to learn and good knowledge concepts to grasp. It gave me a very good understanding of how QTP is useful in the field of software testing. The instructor were friendly, patient and always ensure that the students understand the lessons. There is great interaction between students and instructors. This course is definitely a good basic for those who wish to know more about QC, QTP test tools and software testing concepts.
E. Lapid, Online Trainee
Oakville, ON., Canada
The online training for Basic Mercury QC and QTP combines the benefit of classroom teaching and saves the time in transportation. The training is comprehensive in content and clear in details by the illustrations of the instructors' examples. This course is recommended for those who are interested in the quality assurance training. Regards!!!
E. Lo, Online Trainee
Markham, ON., Canada
Thank you for your effort and help to make sure that I got the training course especially when you went out of your way to have me start my course at such a short notice! Thank you very much!
The course is over now and the facilitator of the course has been a great resource and absolute awesome in imparting the training especially as I had no past IT background. He made it very basic and simple for me to understand the contents and trained in "LAYMAN's" language so as for me to comprehend! I also got hands on experience of learning to use of the application which helps me build my confidence! Thank you and your Organization. Yours Truly!
S. Pramod, Online Trainee
Vancouver, BC, Canada.
As a software professional, looking for further new opportunities wanted to learn Software Testing in a quick and efficient way as possible. Thanks to Tekstrom for giving me the opportunity.
I opted for Manual Testing, QTP & QC online course. Right from the start instructor impressed me with his efficient, professional manner - an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for, he was always there to help, guide and support. I sincerely thank you for the support and encouragement.
The course material was good and handy reference of all the concepts. I strongly recommend Tekstrom training services for their quality training.  
S.R. Macharla, Online Trainee
Software Professional, Arkansas, USA.
Thanks you very much for the excellent training Tekstrom. The manual testing, QTP and QC are great courses to have and take online. The courses are perfectly designed for the new to experienced users. Good tips are given along the way. Here you can learn as quick or slow as you need to go and as your time permits. Excellent presentation and excellent teaching and learning experience. I'll definitely be recommending it.
P. Patel, Online Trainee
Chicago, USA.
I am writing these few lines to appreciate the Quality Assurance course I took from with Tekstrom. The Quality Assurance course was indeed great not only because of the contents of the course but also the delivery of the course content was wonderful. The technicalities of the subject matter were demystified and the technology was made simple to understand.
I would like to thank Tekstrom and the instructor for successfully passing on highly technical skill set to me. Also for leaving a thorough and deep understanding of the subject of software testing in general and QuickTest Pro and Quality Center in particular. This is an experience I would like to repeat for advanced course in future. Thanks, With Best Wishes.
M. A. Mobin, Online Trainee
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
 Testing training was really good and helpful, I got a good knowledge  from this training and  wonderful study materials, Thanks for your support.
S. Devarakonda, Online Trainee
Okemos, Michigan, USA
I have found the overall course very good & effective. The course material & virtual training is very informative, descriptive and flexible. I thought the presentation gave a great feeling of competence with the use of application.
 Thanks Tekstrom & for your overall training.
P. Chamarthi, Online Trainee
Milton, Ontario, Canada.
 I was delighted with the Basic QA/QC/QTP course. I would rate the training 10 out of 10 and would highly recommend to others. The trainer managed to get excellent interaction with me right from the beginning. The course was interesting, informative and very well presented. Opportunity to get the on-line instructor based training give you huge advantage, it was very well organized. Thank you!
A. Bretchkina, Online Trainee
Etobicoke, ON. Canada.
I attended the Software Testing Course Online. First, I was skeptical about taking online course but after attending it, I am fully convinced that online course is just like being in the class. Instructor has through knowledge of the course and has great communication skills. Overall, it was a great experience and hoping to get more training from Tekstrom in future.
A. Mishra, Online Trainee
Virginia, USA.
 I just completed the online course. The course was very well designed and provide in depth knowledge of the subject. the instructor discussed each and every part of the course. He was extremely knowledgeable, experienced and helpful. He was always there to help and support. At last I wanted to thank you for every thing, specially to my instructor. He has always helped me where ever I faced any problem. Thank you for your all help & support.
Supinder, Online Trainee
Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
The training provided on QTP is very excellent and professional. the trainer has in field practical knowledge of each and every aspect of QTP. I would say that this training will be a milestone in my career. I would recommend everyone who is interested in "Automation" to attend this course.
H. Singh, Online Trainee
QA Analyst, Toronto, Canada.
Like to complement on the fine training I received this past two weeks at your training site in Newark, Delaware. The instructor was very competent and took his time going through the course, even though I missed one day we kept pace and completed all course information. I look forward to completing the other courses that Tekstrom has to offer. Again thanks your for the good performance by Tekstrom's instructor. 
B. Fiordimondo
Newark, Delaware.
If somebody is looking for QA testing expertise, This training is definitely an excellent option well worth considering. Good combination of theory and practical. Practicing hands-on during the class along with the instructor made the training more interesting and easy to follow. The instructor was knowledgeable, professional and extremely helpful.
S. Singh, Online Trainee
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada.


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    I was delighted with the Basic QA/QC/QTP course. I would rate the training 10 out of 1.....