• Resource Augmentation

Tekstrom specializes in delivering superior quality consulting and resource augmentation to clients, which in turn enables them to compete in today's dynamic and competitive business environment. This service has helped clients to reduce the cycle time between RFP to “Kick Off” with flexibility of employment.

Tekstrom's Resource Augmentation division offers resources in software development and testing to customers on a contract basis. The company also offers ‘Advisory and Consulting' services in software testing which helps clients to scale up their operations and recruit suitably.

Tekstrom's result-oriented approach consists of 

Defined processes and methodologies flexible to Clients' environment

  • State-of-the-art infrastructure for knowledge dissemination and communication
  • Demonstrated skills in independently delivering large applications
  • Niche areas of expertise that makes selection of outsourced tasks effective
  • Maintaining resources and staff who can work with the client's business structure

The Tekstrom Advantage in Resource Augmentation 

Tekstrom offers need based in-house technical support through an integrated and structured hiring process. Our unique retention plan offers multiple growth opportunities. The special focus on training helps resources to update their skills periodically. Factors such as electronic bill submission and time tracking add value to Tekstrom's resource augmentation services.



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  • Tekstrom continues to carry on its Automation Anywhere consultation offerings with one more consulting opportunity.

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    I was delighted with the Basic QA/QC/QTP course. I would rate the training 10 out of 1.....