• Clinical Information System (CIS)

 Healthcare has been one of the primary domains that the Tekstrom team has been working on and as a result of the enormous experience, we conceived this product idea to cater to the needs of primary care centers.

Clinical Information System (CIS) is a desktop application designed to cater the needs of primary and tertiary care health centers.

This suite covers the activities involved in Clinical Management of patient identification, patients medical records, clinical history, visit history, physicians schedule and patients search tool. CIS also features a set of useful reports that help the center administrator and the physician take strategic and tactical decisions.

The goals of implementing the CIS Front-Office Console includes,

Decreasing the administrative overhead of employees

• Better management of patient records (administrative data only)
• Schedule and re-schedule appoints quickly
• Get the appointment list for the day easily and quickly
• Minimize scheduling, queuing errors
• Quick and easy access to patient information
• Generate patient address labels for letters quickly and easily

Increasing patient satisfaction

• Increase patient confidence by assuring that access to the physician is fair (impartial)
• Answer patient queries regarding scheduling, queue status quickly and accurately

Better clinical governance

• Manage physician unavailability (due to emergency situations) effectively
• Monitor and decrease the average patient wait time
• Study the patient’s appointment/scheduling behavior
   i. No-shows
   ii. Late arrivals (check-in’s)


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